Fire Damage Restoration Process

No matter how big or small the damage is, attributed by fire, it can be very devastating to its owner. The effects of fire do not just end after extinguishing the fire itself. There’s more to do. Actually, there are numerous things to do, cleaning, salvaging contents and restoring the property. Thus, seeking professional help is highly advised.

Doing the cleanup process yourself can be very challenging as it requires a lot of effort, time and knowledge. DIYing is not applicable as a fire cleanup can be very dangerous. Immediate response is critical in this kind of situation to avoid more serious and severe damage to your property and even to you and to your whole family. Restoration companies have all the means required in helping owners do the cleaning and restoring the property.

Moreover, safety is on top of their list. They make sure that your home is perfectly out of danger to live in.


Advanced Tools and Equipment

Fire damage restoration companies are fully equipped with all the tools and equipment they need in doing the job. Mitigating the damage vary depending on how much the effect is in an area or how severe the damage is. Thus, proper equipment is important for each step of the process.

Expertise and Knowledge

Professional technicians have enough knowledge in doing the job correctly and quickly. They are trained and educated before they could handle the situation. They know what they are doing and are careful in avoiding further damage. They understand how fire damages the property and have a list of guidelines that they follow throughout the process.

Cost Effective

You can’t really be confident with the work of non-professional restoration team. They might leave your property with some invisible effects such as discoloration, odor or some electrical damage. That could lead you to hiring another set of restoration team.

Let the professionals do all the necessary actions. Make sure to hire a fire damage restoration team that is IICR certified. Our company has sufficient equipment and tools and experienced people who can handle minor to major kind of disaster. Avoid doing DIY. Better contact our team right away.


Fire Damage Inspection

The first thing we have to do after receiving your call is giving a thorough inspection of the area. This is to assess the extent of the damage and to figure out the cause of the fire. Detailed inspection of the area is really important as Square One professionals will base their action plan to what they have seen and documented. Our team will then give the owner the estimated cost and period of the restoration process.

Immediate Property Security

To some extent, fire damage involves damaging the structure of the walls and roof. Thus, this could lead to further damage or what they call secondary damage. During this time, our team will board-up damaged doors, windows, and damaged outer walls. This part of the restoration process secures the physical safety of your property.

 Water Removal and Drying

Water left in the property is normally caused by extinguishing fire. Water set in the property could lead to further damage such as penetrating the infrastructure of the building and furniture or other belongings.

Our expert technicians will then need to remove any excess water and dry out the whole area to abstain mold from growing.

Smoke & Soot Removal

The next step we have here is removing smoke and soot residue. Smoke and soot can be harmful to health and could cause further damage to the property if not taken care immediately.

Our professionals will use specialized equipment and state-of-the-art techniques making sure that we carefully clean, sanitize and remove any residues in the affected area.

Complete Property Restoration

The last stage is about repairing and restoring. This stage usually includes repainting the walls and ceilings, replacing wallpaper or tiles, repairing broken furniture and so much more, like a total renovation.

Our team will make sure that we bring back your property to its original condition or even in better shape.

Square One Company is and will always be here to provide excellent and quality restoration services.

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