A message from the owner....

Thank you for considering Square One Restoration! We have built a company which specializes in emergency service – fire, smoke, water, & mold damage. We have invested a significant amount of time and resources to provide you with an exceptional service, leveraging state of the art equipment and techniques developed through experience & specialized certifications/training. 

We know you may be feeling like your life is very stressful and you don’t know where to begin. That’s ok. Most of our clients feel overwhelmed and are at a loss as to where to start. We can assure you sometimes even the smallest amount of damage can disrupt your daily routine.

Below our valued clients talk about their experiences. We hope you choose Square One Restoration to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Ryan Riedy

We sustained significant water damage to wood floors and 2 bathrooms after a burst supply line under our master bath sink. The team from Square One Restoration was knowledgeable, experienced, kind, hard-working, and professional. We were grateful for their help navigating insurance procedures and figuring out the best way forward along the way. It was a stressful time and we were fortunate our insurance providers recommended them! Thank you Ryan and Bob! Five stars!

Bethany N - Tempe, AZ

Square one is a absolute miracle company! My wife and I just bought a new home and a few weeks ago noticed a water bubble in the paint of our kitchen ceiling directly beneath our master bathroom. After calling my home owner's insurance, Square One immediately contacted me to setup a time to perform the water damage cleanup.

Miracle workers Bob & Chris arrived at a time that was convenient for me and arrived promptly, notifying me before they arrived. When I say miracle workers I mean it, these guys are technological wizards whose work ethic is second to none.

Bob & Chris used thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to obtain a complete evaluation of the water damage. They put together a professional report and sketch of the damaged area in no time and then immediately went to work performing the cleanup. Every step of the way Bob clearly explained to me in detail what he was doing and what his remediation process would be.

It couldn't have been an hour or two before Bob & Chris had precision and surgically removed sections of dry wall, insulation and performed cleanup to the impacted areas. This was fun to watch, they were masters at their craft. The entire work area was protected from the rest of the house with plastic and they were so careful working within the home.

When the removal was done and there were small traces of black mold remaining that weren't compromising the structure of the home, they treated it with a chemical and scrubber on multiple attacks to ensure it was all gone. Even after the black mold was treated and removed they used a latex spray to contain the chemicals and ensure everything remained dead.

When the cleanup was done, Bob & Chris installed industrial dehumidifiers, fans, and plastic to tent the area and remove any remaining moisture. They setup a prompt follow up time that was convenient for me to check on the dry up. In this case I was only free on the weekend and they didn't have any issue coming back when it was convenient for me on both Saturday & Sunday.

Bob & Chris came back on three subsequent days to check all the moisture was mitigated and only after the third trip when everything was completely dry did they remove the industrial equipment.

Bob & Chris are masters at their craft and the care, professionalism and level of effort they provide is amazing. Your home will be in the utmost care and after watching these guys work and the equipment and knowledge they use you would be a fool not to use them for any of your damage or restoration needs.

Thanks so much Bob & Chris, my wife & I can't thank you both enough!!

George R - Ahwatukee, AZ

I can’t speak highly enough of the service I received from SquareOne. They were responsive, worked quickly, anticipated things I wouldn’t have thought to ask about and communicated with me and my insurance company very effectively. I had been having a hard time working with my adjuster, and enlisting Ryan’s help was instrumental in getting a denied claim reversed and fully covered. Really excellent service, thank you so much!

Samantha T - Tempe, AZ

Saying Ryan's team provided a great experience for a less than ideal situation would be an understatement. They were able to come out on short notice, quoted me _FAR_ less than a competing company, and saved me potentially thousands of dollars in repairs. Bob and Chris were extremely professional, wore proper PPE while in my residence and were clearly competent on the subject matter. I always felt that they genuinely cared and had my best interest for the course of action they described. They turned a potential nightmare into at most a temporary inconvenience. Really appreciate what Square One was able to do for me and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

Matt E - Gilbert, AZ

Highly Recommend!!! We had a toilet leak that caused damage in the ceiling above our kitchen, gross! Getting a hold of Square One was easy and Ryan alleviated all concerns I had over the phone. The very next day Bob from Square One repaired and cleaned our damaged ceiling, all while walking me through the steps he'd take to ensure any and all mold/toilet matter was removed. Bob even remembered to call when he arrived, as our baby was sleeping and we were looking to avoid additional chaos. Since moving into our new home a month ago we've dealt with a handful of contractors, plumbers, repairmen, etc. and I can say that Ryan and Bob were by far the most professional crew we've had.

Brendan M - Phoenix, AZ

Square One restoration has done three water damage projects for me at my home in Scottsdale. They are perfectionists, reliable, ethical, and really amazing! I referred them to my neighbors and they loved them as well. They are licensed general contractors which ensures the work will get done right the first time.

Susan R - Scottsdale, AZ

This is the first time I've ever written a review but these guys were awesome. We had significant water damage in the home and were pretty stressed out about it. They showed up less than an hour after we called and cleaned everything out. Moved all of our stuff blocking the damage and then put it back just like before without a single scratch. Super easy to work with, very professional, fair on pricing and did a fantastic job - can't recommend them enough

Oren G - Scottsdale, AZ

Exceptional customer service!!! Bob was on time every day and explained in detail how they would be proceeding with the work required in our home. Both Bob and Ryan provided professionalism through every step of their process for getting the job completed! It was a pleasure having them in our home and doing their part in the process of making us whole again.

Diane M - Scottsdale, AZ

Bob and Ryan with square one were awesome. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to help us with our problem. Bob was exceptional in his work and just a great guy! I would highly recommend this company and will call them first if ever needed again. From start to finish it was a great experience. Thank you square one - jhenna and josh

Jhenna Z - Scottsdale, AZ

Square One Restoration is outstanding. They took care of everything after we had a water line rupture in our attic and flood the interior walls. Ryan and his team handled the water damage, reconstruction, and insurance company. Remodeled our kitchen and two bathrooms and it turned out great. If you want to make your life easier hire Square One, they take care of everything from start to finish. Extremely competent and professional.

Seth J - Scottsdale, AZ

Had a water leak from condo above. Met Ryan from square one and he got to work. I stayed away for a few days while he dried my place out. Came home to areas where drywall doors casing and base were removed and found it spotless my belongings were put in other rooms with care and a obvious goal to exceed my expectations. I was in the insurance world for work and in close to a decade of working behind other dry out companies Square One was clearly the best even knowing I have seen other companies that do fair work. Call them.

Brad D - Phoenix, AZ

Square One Restoration is legit. I met Ryan on New Year’s Eve when I had a sudden leak under my kitchen sink. He personally came promptly and started the recovery hours before New Year’s Eve. He is knowledgeable about the industry, he is professional and patient; even though I asked him the same questions a million times, he didn’t mind re-explaining in a way that I could understand. Insurance litigation process has so many micro-details. He helped me follow up on my 2 insurance claims through the months of multiple emails and readjustments because I had almost given hope while waiting. I was never worried about who was coming to my house as his crew is just as professional and he updated me accordingly. My kitchen looks better than I could have ever imagined. I ended up updating a few things around the house with his expertise, as I realized early on that his recommendations were way better than my limited thinking. He’s the kind of guy who does the right thing, even when no one is watching. There’s no job that’s “hard” for his team. I wouldn’t hesitate hiring Square One Restoration for future upgrades or renovations.

Joan K - Scottsdale, AZ

When a pipe under my kitchen sink burst and flooded my house, I was not only devastated but I felt completely lost. I am extremely fortunate that I found Ryan at Square One Restoration. He immediately put me at ease from the very beginning. His confidence and calm demeanor were extremely reassuring. I was unable to go to a hotel during the reconstruction as I couldn't leave my horses unattended, but Ryan provided daily updates on what work was being done and what time the crews were expected to arrive the next day. I feel like he moved mountains to make sure I was as comfortable as could be expected during this whole process, living in a home that had bare floors, bare walls, no kitchen sink, etc. Whenever I had questions, Ryan was always responsive and patient...no matter how silly my questions may have been.

I would leave for work in the mornings and I would come home to find noticeable progress towards completion each day. Ryan even made sure that his crew knew that my cats were locked in one of the bedrooms and were not to be let out while the construction was being done. He even had a back up plan if one escaped (shut all the outside doors ASAP).

Ryan dealt with my insurance adjuster(s), even when they were non-responsive. He politely kept on them to keep things moving. I had an upcoming surgery that would render me practically bed-ridden for awhile so it was imperative that the reconstruction be completed prior. Ryan made it happen. I have practically a brand new home and I am so thankful for how smoothly this whole process went. My home is absolutely GORGEOUS and I have no doubt the outcome would have been very different had I not found Ryan at Square One.

Holly R - Anthem, AZ

Ryan and his team responded quickly, explained the needed remedies, and performed the required services in a timely manner. Excellent service.

Peter F - Scottsdale, AZ

Ryan helped us out with a flood in our newly remodeled bathroom. Time matters with flood damage, and with Square One you received fast, reliable, honest attention and service. This is the company you want to call for any flood, fire, mold or restoration/rebuild services. Highly recommended!

Michael H - Scottsdale, AZ

I came upon Ryan and his team at Square One as I had to restore the dry wall after a leak that was fixed. My plumber recommended another restorer who would not stop calling me even before the leak was fixed so I got tired of them and decided to look on my own. So glad that I did and found Square One! Ryan was the most flexible with getting to my place over the holiday season back in December of 2018 and also who I felt most confident with as he used reliable gadgets to test the moisture levels, etc vs. using his bare eyes as some other restorers had done on their visits for quotes. Everything was super easy, from scheduling, keeping me informed and getting the repairs of the walls in. Excellent work from Ryan and his team.

Weewen K - Phoenix, AZ

We used Square One Restoration for water damage in our home. The lead tech and his team were very professional and thorough. They took extra time to walk me through the process and deal with the insurance company. I would highly recommend Square One!

Maxx M - Phoenix, AZ

I came home from a weekend trip and I had a ton of water flooding into my hallway from the laundry room. After talking with my insurance company they told me that I was going to need to use a water damage restoration company. They suggested a couple companies, one of which was Square One Restoration. I spoke with Ryan and he sent his team out right away. Their customer service has been terrific, we used them for the dry out and reconstruction. Thanks for all your help!!!

Todd H - Phoenix, AZ

When I called Square One I spoke with Ryan (Owner) who was very polite and knowledgeable. I explained my mothers home received water damage a few days ago and the carpet is now starting to smell. He stated he cold come over that afternoon! He and his assistant surveyed the damage the first hour and explained the water damage to the carpet, pad, base boards and drywall. They brought in equipment to dehumidify and dry out the home. Five hours later my mother called me to say they just left and they were very polite, quite, respectful of her property and the house ``smells good again!`` I have nothing but good things to say about Square One and Ryan. I recommend them to anyone who need home restoration services!

Terry C - Tempe, AZ

I can't rave enough about Square One Restoration!! We did a total remodel of our 1960s era kitchen (complete with the original floor and oven). We gutted the entire thing down to the concrete.

Ryan at Square One helped us from the very beginning of the project through the last detail. He guided us through the entire process of lay-out design and choosing the materials like cabinets, hardware, flooring and counter tops. We had no idea how many tradesmen I project like this would take ,we had a ton of people come into our home for the project: masonry men come seal up an exterior door, a carpenter for the cabinets, electricians for the can lights, pendants and additional outlets we added, a plumber, and a tile guy for the floors and backsplash Ryan was an expert at keeping us aware of when different people would be arriving, what to expect, what they were going to be working on and letting us know of any changes to the schedule. His communication was extremely transparent and attentive. Also, the work space of our home was kept extremely tidy and orderly. Aside from the obvious ``construction zone`` of our kitchen, all of the different tradesmen left the work space clean and organized at the end of each day, never leaving tools or materials laying around which we really appreciated!

I must also speak to Ryan's attention to detail. When remodeling an old home, you're bound to find a few ``surprises``. One example that came up, our drain for our sink was tiled 1/2 an inch downward, instead of 1/2 inch backward, which was causing water to sit in the line. Our other sink cabinet had a dampness we could never figure it out. This is something that someone could have easily skipped by with us being none the wiser, but Ryan informed us he was going to have a plumber come correct the issue before continuing to move forward so everything was done the way it should be. It was corrected, and everything was right back on track. I can't thank him enough for treating our home as if it was his own, and making sure everything was perfect!

We are in LOVE with how it came out, and we now can't wait to remodel another area of our home with his help!!

Paige J - Scottsdale, AZ