What To Do When Water Damage your Property After A Fire

Fire alone can have a very devastating effect on your property. It can possibly ruin the whole structure of your house and will result in a costly repair. The aftermath of fire damage does not end after extinguishing the fire itself. Soot and smoke that are normally present can be toxic to humans’ health and requires professionals to be removed and to properly clean the whole property, in order for the home to be inhabitable again.

While water is considered as a great opponent of fire, it is one of the culprits that can bring severe damage to your property. With great pressure from fire hoses,  walls, ceiling, furniture, and others have the possibility to break down. Mold colonies follow when water used in putting out a fire is not removed immediately. Mold begins to grow in your house 24 hours and will eventually eat away materials they considered as food, such as wood, floorboards, and others. Additionally, mold can cause harm to human’s health.

Both water and fire can damage your property and can even cause harmful effect on a human’s condition. It is important to address the situation right away and understand the necessary actions to take.


Ensure Safety Before Entering your Home

After a disastrous event, there could be invisible damage that can be very dangerous.  Before re-entering your house, ask the officials who are walking into it to know if your home is free from danger.

While you are outside, you can do a little inspection of how fire and water damage to your roof, ceilings, walls, and floorings. Check thoroughly electrical damage. If you notice damage on it, it means your house is not safe to return.


Notify Your Insurance Company

When it is announced that your home is safe to re-enter, giving your insurance company a call is top on the list. Notify your agent about the disaster that happened and they will inform you that an adjuster will visit the area to check the damage.

After determining the damage, your agent will inform you of what will your insurance cover and how much you will be spending. During this time, you can inquire whether your insurance company will give you a temporary shelter and provide you food expenses.


Record the Damage

Capture all the damage that was made by fire and water. Provide photos or videos of the belongings, walls and even the growth of mold. Moreover, create a list of all the items in the house that were included in the damage.

This information and documents are used to prove the damage of the disaster and are helpful in approving and speeding up the process of the claims.


Contact a Professional

When you are done making an insurance claim for the fire and water damage your property has acquired, look for a proficient professional restoration company that will handle the damage in your property and will coordinate with your insurance provider for the claim.

It is vital to contact a restoration company without delay to prevent downward spiral. An infestation of mold growth is what you have to watch out if water still remains in the area. With a delay, they will damage other parts of your home.

A professional restoration company will assess the extent of the damage, create a plan and provide the best solution in restoring your property.


Dry Out Your Home

While waiting for the professionals to come over your house and check your property, it is best to air out your home. If the weather is perfect enough to help in circulating air, open all the windows and doors. Additionally, let the cabinet doors and drawers open, to allow air to move. If electricity is safe to use, set up an electric fan throughout the area.

Floor rugs that were soaked in water should be removed to avoid further damage with the floorings. Place a foil under the furniture legs to prevent water from seeping upwards and cause further damage.


What NOT To Do after A Water Damage

There could be a lot of things to do in mitigating damage caused by a fire and water disaster. However, it is important that we listen to what professionals say about certain activities that we should never do in the aftermath of water damage. Some examples are;

  •    Wet electric appliances must not be used because doing so can generate danger.
  •    Never use a vacuum to remove excess water, instead use a sump pump if it is available.
  •    Do not enter a room that has experienced structural damage


Trust Square One Restoration

When your home has experienced water intrusion and fire destruction, it is most likely that your home is a complete mess and restoration and cleaning are unsafe and challenging. Water can easily spread in the entire area and can worsen the damage. Mitigating the damage as quickly as possible is crucial.

Square One restoration professionals have complete equipment and skills in mitigating the damage and restoring your property. They act fast, assess the damage and make a plan suitable for the situation. You can trust them with your worries because they can bring back your property to its normal state and becomes safe to live in.

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